When my first daughter was born, my mother called her a pink and white rosebud. And indeed there were many comparisons to the pink buds; her petal soft skin, her little rosy mouth, her delicate scent, her little hands and feet. My Mom brought me dozens of rosebuds during those early weeks and I watched them open as Emma blossomed.

My mother had 5 daughters, I have 2 daughters and I have a new grand-daughter, I have nieces and over the years there are many girls and young women who have been daughters to me. There is a special feeling we have for our daughters.

Design is my other love in life; drawing, color, patterns, light, form, textures, I have employed all these skills in designing textiles, homes and houses and now t-shirts.

Pulling these passions together, mothers, daughters and design I've come to make buds and roses, a t-shirt for Mom in blossom and her little rosebud.

T-shirts are fun and funky, they are so comfortable to wear and look great with everything. But they are also a canvas for painting. And a space to say something about about our passions.

So these are painted with love for your daughter, for ourselves.