Q: How do they fit?

A: The fit depends on your shape and the style and look you are comfortable with, if you like a loose style with more of your neck and shoulders exposed choose medium or large, if you like a t-shirt fitted, you will prefer small. The little girls shirt fits according to age size.

Q: Are the t-shirts organic cotton and is the manufacture ethical?

A: The cotton for these t-shirts is 100% organic African cotton, it is GOTS , Global Organic Textile Standard, the cotton is traded fairly and with a transparent supply chain. They are ethically made without child labor.


Q: Are the designs original?

A: All designs are drawn and painted by me and are copywrite ©kellyfannon.


Q: Will the design wash out?



Q: Can I order just the Mom t-shirt?



Q: What are shipping costs?


A: No, the design is digitally printed with water based dyes. Wash at cool temperatures 30° with mild detergent.


A: Yes, of course, you can order just the daughter t-shirt too. Or a mother with 2 or 3 daughter t-shirts, or any other combination you need.

I am based in London, so shipping in the UK is £2.90 for a pair of t-shirts, for the USA the shipping is £5.00 for a pair. Any other amount depends on the weight of the package.