Experimental Painted Indigo T-shirts, Ethically Made

Experimental Painted Indigo T-shirts, Ethically Made


These unique and experimental t-shirts for Mom and kids are one off. I had a vat of indigo that had not been used for a while, I used the sediment that had reduced to a paste. I used a big brush and brushed the indigo across the front. This is not what many indigo dyers would recommend or do, but I couldn't resist the thick paste.

Then washed the two t-shirts to remove the loose dye. It created this unique effect.  They are fun, arty, an experiment and for moms who like something a little different. I use only organic cotton t-shirts and ethically made.

The women's t-shirt is medium, has a wide neck and short capped sleeves.

The child's t-shirt is for 4-6 years old.

Wash in cool water and separately or with other blue clothes. The dye will fade.

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